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Döner Station , Aachen

4.0 stars


Doener (Döner) Station, pick and go

Sometimes when you are very hungry and you can’t wait for your food any more or you just don’t want to sit down. Döner Station is a small vendor close to main bus station and very convenient to get some food. Döner Station, it is very obvious, that it serves döner kebab. Any kinds of kebabs (mutton, beef, and chicken) are available in decent price. For 5-6 Euros, you can get a kebab with one soft drink. The thing that I like from Döner Station is, it always serves fresh kebab for its customers. Döner Station is situated at the city center, and it makes you easy to get it. Besides that there is a fountain in front of it, if you are bored while you are eating, there is something to look at ☺. [more ]

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Döner Station  Aachen
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