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Vielfalt, Aachen

5.0 stars


Vielfalt, the only place to get baked potatoes

How much do you love potatoes? If you love potatoes as much as I do, then you should try baked potatoes from Vielfalt. Vielfalt means varieties in German, and I think it is the right word for the bistro. Vielfalt provides fresh baked potatoes everyday, and you can choose what you’d like to put inside your potatoes. They bake your potatoes right after you order them. I like to put sliced olives, mozzarella cheese, Gouda cheese, slices tomatoes, and some Balsamic on top. It is really delicious! They call it Italian style and I love love it! Besides baked potatoes, you can also get some toasts and they are also fresh. The same like the baked potatoes, you can also pick out what you want for your toasts. One baked potato costs 4-5 Euros, depending what you like to put inside it.
Thirsty? Don’t worry, you can get any kinds of drinks like Coke, Turkish black tea, Turkish drink, etc. [more ]

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