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Feria De la Mujer (Women's Fair), Pinoso

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Feria de la Mujer (Women's Fair)

Feria de la Mujer (Women’s Fair) is an event that is held once a year usually the second Sunday in March, in the town of Pinoso, which is in the province of Alicante, Spain.
It is held in the Municipal Gardens of the town.
It is basically a trade fair when all the Women shop and business owners, set up stalls in the gardens to promote their business and sell goods to the public.
As well as stalls, there are also fashion shows on the stage and catwalk, there are singers and dancers and folklore events. They also hold a raffle for various prizes.
I have been to this event in March 2009, and luckily the sun was shining, it was a very nice day for the event.
Some of the stalls also sell locally produced food and drink.
If anyone happens to be in the locality during the beginning of March, it is worth visiting the event, which usually lasts 5 or 6 hours throughout the day. [more ]

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