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Laza Carnival

3.0 stars


Funniest and traditional Laza Carnival

Getting hit by tons of mud or flour, escaping from biting ants and hiding to avoid getting hit with the thorns of a big plant are part of this fantastic, fun, rural Carnival Festival. In the morning there is a big mud fight in the small main square, mostly everyone is dressed up with fun outfits to join the fun, as the "gypsies" pass by the fight must stop and only return as soon as they have gone. After lunch, the crowds meet again in the square, there is music playing and everyone started to show up with their colorful Carnival outfits. Once the squared is full to its limits, then hundreds of super large biting ants captured in the wild are thrown to the crowds along with flour. It is really crazy and fun and you will never see people screaming so much just with seeing one ant. After the 30 minute craziness there is a band playing and everyone carries on dancing. It was incredible fun! I highly recommend it to everyone. [more ]

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