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Bahia Palance, Marrakech

4.0 stars


beautiful Bahia Palace

everything you ever needed to see and know about intricate stucco work, mosaic (zellij) and inlaid woodwork. You need to imagine the place filled with opulent furnishings and just as grand people in the late 19th century. What remains are the walls and ceilings, and the gardens of course. Well worth the visit as its well kept considering the locals had a habit of stripping such places! se the Badi Palace as an example! the ceilings are just beautiful, and there are many of them.. situated in the Kasbah area near Place des Ferblantiers. 20dhs admission fee [more ]

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Bahia Palance Marrakech Holzvertäfelung wunderschöne Muster Bahia Palast Fliesenmuster
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