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Earth Cafe, Marrakech

5.0 stars


Amazing food amazing ambiance

Ok having just come from Marrakesh from a weeklong stay, I found out about this place via the internet, it’s hard to find and probably easier to pay a local 10 dirams from the square to take you there, that’s what we did, Down 2 side streets and your there. The door was closed and had to knock the door, My the colors the smells the whole ambiance of this place I loved, and being a vegetarian was a welcoming place.Bakarat the owner was on vacation at the time we went so his nephew was running the show, Excellent little host, Brought warm Moroccan flat bread to the table with divine organic olive oil (I bought 2 bottles to take home).We were welcoming this hidden retreat as the heat and the hustle and bustle of Marrakesh was very intense. We instantly melted in to the big comfy sofas and drank ice cold water, whilst we waited for our food, By no means this is a quick affair we where there over 2 hours , and so it shouldn’t be , relax enjoy the atmosphere , the food was excellent and very well presented and always cooked fresh to order. Menu is available on the website, yes the place may not be as clean and as sparkling as the other so called eateries of Marrakesh but this adds to the ambiance and welcoming feel of the place. We enjoyed it so much we went back the next day for lunch. Don’t forget to have the mint tea its divine [more ]

Vegetarian delight near Medina

Earth Cafe is just down Rue Riad Zitoun el Qedim, heading from south east corner of Jemaa El Fna to the beautiful Bahia Palace. To the right there's a small signpost for Earth Cafe. Fabulously freshly cooked organic selection, simple but clean environment. A perfect lunch stop! keeps you going till you venture out for your evening meal. [more ]

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