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Dolores Park, San Francisco

4.0 stars


Where the cool kids hang out

I like to think of myself as a connoisseur of parks throughout the world, but I've never managed to figure out what it is that makes a great park great. Delores park is a good example - it's pretty small, there aren't really any special features to it, it really is just a bit of grass in the middle of a fairly dirty city (and muddy grass at that). Yet despite this, it's awesome. Maybe it's because of it's location, or because of the amazing hairy palm trees it has. Maybe it's because of the cool view of the hill which is usually clouded over. Mostly though, I think it's because everyone there is having a good time. It's not a park where people go to sit and be miserable - I think it's too small and open for that. There's really no reason to go there except to sit in the sun and have fun, and somehow it comes out in the atmosphere. It also seems to be a cultural hub, with free movie screenings and orchestral performances and general displays. What else could you want from a park? (Except maybe a duck pond...) [more ]

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Dolores Park San Francisco San Francisco Skyline from Mission Dolores Park - 4 Beautiful Dolores Park
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