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Hotel Inglaterra, Havana

2.0 stars


Nice rooms, bad service

I stayed seven nights at the Hotel Inglaterra in Havanna, Cuba in August of 2008 and I can't say that I can vouche for the place unfortunately.

While my rooms were nice, with air conditioning, and they were cleaned spotlessly each day with new towels, the staff were not very customer service oriented. For example, one day I asked the Front Desk Agent for the phone number to Cubana Airlines and he just said he didn't know. When I asked if he had a resource to look things like that up, he just literally shrugged his shoulders.

I've gotten better service in a hostel before for much lower than the $80CUCs (Cuban Convertible Units; about $80 USD) I paid each night. I remember feeling frustrated by bad customer service on numerous occasions.

No such thing as wireless internet here, my laptop was a waste of luggage space. Also the hotel charged about $6 USD for an hour's time, which I think is pretty steep (it lagged).

Still, it did offer a single rate and I don't know if the other nearby hotels did that. [more ]

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