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Tiffany's im Europa-Center, Berlin

2.0 stars


Breakfast at Tiffany's - "as I recall, I think, we both kinda *didn't* like it"

Not content with eating the same old selection of meats, cheeses, cereals and breads at our hotel, we decided to take a little walk and see if we could find somewhere alternative for breakfast. We had in mind that we would head to an Irish pub that we had seen advertised the previous day, but unfortunately it was not yet open and there was no sign as to when it would be! I was surprised because it was already 11am.

As we were heading out, we saw amongst the many plastic plants that adorn the Europa-Center in Berlin a little sign accompanied by a butterfly which read "Tiffany's". It all looked rather 90's, but not entirely unpleasant, and on seeing the menu, I realised that they offered a variety of cooked breakfasts, including an English one. Great, I thought, I can finally get some tasty beans and sausages into me to sustain me for the journey back.

What we were served with resembled nothing of what I know and love about a tasty english breakfast. The sausages were limp, the tomato was tasteless, the eggs were weak and the beans were bland. The whole meal was entirely void of colour, warmth or taste, and I ate it with an unsatisfying churn of my stomach. It didn't help that Tiffany's wanted a whopping 9 € for this monstrosity. It was a further 4 € to purchase a tropical juice drink with which to wash it all down, a taste that was refreshingly not unpleasant.

I really can't recommend dining here. The waiter was friendly, which is a bonus, but as well as the bad food, the location is pretty bad too. At the top of an escalator of an outdate shopping mall above a sickly-lit fountain, (the noise from which is noticeably irritating), breakfast at Tiffany's will certainly not leave you feeling satisfied. [more ]

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Tiffany's im Europa-Center Berlin
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