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The Leprechaun, Santa Pola

3.0 stars


The Leprechaun (Irish themed restaurant & bar)

The Leprechaun is a U.K. owned pub / restaurant in the town of Santa Pola, Spain.
It is an Irish themed bar and restaurant and serves snacks and a la carte menu meals.
I have been to this restaurant twice.
I have had a steak meal with potatoes and vegetables along with a small glass of Guinness.
The food was cooked very well and the staff were pleasant and friendly.
My wife also had the same meal.
We have also been to this venue for a New Years Eve party. They had a duo singing popular songs. But in my opinion, because they had more people to cater for, the food service was a little slow and the quality was not so good.
I will not go again to a special show night, but I would go in the afternoon or early evening, as they cope better with individual orders that they can take their time over.
It is popular with British visitors. [more ]

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The Leprechaun Santa Pola
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