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Rosado, Berlin

4.0 stars


Steak the Argentinian way

Located just 100 metres from Wittenbergplatz (otherwise known as "where KaDeWe is"), the Rosado argentinisches Steakhaus (Argentinian Steakhouse) is a restaurant for the carnivores within us. Priding itself on a large selection of succulently grilled steaks, this restaurant caters according to taste, whether it be medium, well done, or blue!

When we first entered the restaurant on a saturday evening in October 2009 (Tag der deutschen Einheit, in fact), a waiter greeted us and showed us to our seats. The place was moderately full, but not over-crowded, and it actually provided a lovely atmosphere to hear various light-hearted converstions going on in a variety of languages and accents. We were a party of four, and had a cabin to ourseves towards the back of the restaurant. I was glad of this, because I saw one poor guy by the window below the neon "open" sign, which was constantly flashing and must have surely induced a migraine!

The waiters working that evening were both of what I can only imagine to be Argentinian decent, which again added to the authenticity of the restaurant and provided a homeliness to the atmosphere. They were friendly and courteous, and were able to explain the differences between each steak that was available. I had a 200g steak with pepper sauce and a salad, cooked medium. I like my steaks soft and juicy, tough on the outside, but red and soft in the middle, yet the resulting steaks vary largely depending on which restaurant I am in. Sometimes medium appears more as well-done, and other times it's a little on the bloody side. Here, however, it was cooked to perfection, and I enjoyed savouring the beautiful mix of tastes that burst out with every bite.

For those on a budget, I think this restaurant might be a little on the expensive side. When you order a steak, that's exactly what you get, and everything else (salads, fries etc) are at an extra price. Nevertheless, a well cooked steak rarely does come cheap and so you really are getting what you pay for. I believe we paid about 90-95 EUR (approx $138 or £83) for the four of us, which was entirely reasonable given that the guys had thrown a few beers into the mix as well.

I also liked that the kitchen was open to the restaurant, so all the wonderful smells would drift through, and also the Chef had to keep his kitchen clean! I definitely recommend a visit here if you are in the Schoeneberg/Tiergarten area of Berlin. Outside seating is available in the summer. [more ]

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