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Meson El Castillo, Santa Pola

4.0 stars


Been loads of times

Having lived in Santa Pola del este I have been to El Castillo many times.i am pleased to say the owner has become a friend because of his friendly is not a touristy place although tourists do use it.the food is good with lots of tapas.prawns in garlic (Wow) if in area GO THERE [more ]

Restaurant Meson El Castillo

Meson El Castillo is a Spanish restaurant that I have been to, which is located in Santa Pola. It is in a residential road of Santa Pola del Este, on a road just behind the sea front.
It is a typical Spanish restaurant. I went on lunchtime and had the ‘menu del dia’ (menu of the day). First of all we had a plate of salad placed on our table; everyone can help themselves to this.
For a starter, I had a soup of the day. There were choices of a plate of different meats, more salad, fish soup, gaspacho & spaghetti.
For a main course, I had pork chop cooked in olive oil and garlic with chips and vegetables. There were choices of chicken, lamb, beef and fish. Usually this food is cooked in olive oil and garlic. The food always has a distinctive taste and smell. I love it.
Desserts are normally, ice cream, a slice of tart, such as apple tart, caramel flan or fruit of the day.
This meal comes with a beer, soft drink or wine and coffee.
All this comes in at around 9€ per person. Good value for money.
It is good nicely cooked food and the staff are pleasant.
It does not look posh from the outside, but once you are inside, it does look nicer, but the main thing is that the food is good.

They also have an a la carte menu if you wish to choose different and more expensive menu foods. [more ]

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Meson El Castillo Santa Pola
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