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Andalusia Travel Tips

4.0 stars

Insider advice for your Andalusia vacation

Isolated Coves in Southern Spain 4 stars
One of the many joys of living in Andalusia is hunting out the isolated coves that are dotted along the coastline.

On the weekends we take our car and hit the coastal roads, to seek out an idyllic secluded spot, far from the madding crowds.

What constantly amazes me is the diversity of landscapes. There are volcanic cliffs, caves, rocky beaches, sandy beaches, and pools of crystalline blue waters.

There are well-trodden paths to some of the coves, and once I’ve parked the car at the top of the cliff, it’s not too difficult to make our way down. There are some places, where we can even take the car close to the water’s edge.

My favourite spots are along the road that takes you from Villaricos to San Juan de los Terreos, but I’m keen to explore more, as the region has more than 800 kilometres of coastline.


Seville 5 stars
Seville is a charming city. It is romantic and mysterious. Fortunately we found a English speaking guide and he beautifully unveiled the charm of the city. He explained the Moorish architecture.

The orange, yes the orange color trees looked out of this world and there were rows and rows of them! The Spaniards are fun loving dancing people and they love dancing away the night and merrily included us in their dance. The entire evening was filled with feasting; dancing fun and some light hearted flirting. There was a flamenco show and it was simply fabulous!

Do visit it whenever you can!


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