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NH Köln, Cologne

3.0 stars



Köln has a little disappointed me in terms of architecture. I was expecting to have a walk in a nice old town of Köln, to enjoy old traditional buildings, to brows through narrow pebbled-stone streets. It occurred that probably the most interesting and the major sight there is the Dome. Funny thing is that this is the first point you see after getting of the train, and so far you can say that you've been to Köln. Of course the Dome is totally worth visiting and making all the way to this city. After if you don't have any other special purpose of your visit and you want to see the city itself I would recommend to go a little to the left (if you are standing at the Dome and facing the city). There you will find those only old buildings which survived the war bombings. A few, but very nice, they are brightly colored and have those historical writings above the entrance, which correspond to centuries ago. It will take you may be 10-15 minutes to walk the entire old city over. Then you can head more to the left to the river promenade. Be sure, wherever you are Rhine will never disappoint you. It is really beautiful. There is a nice park at the river, where you can enjoy the sun on the grass. The promenade is really long, if to walk for some time, you will end up at Köln exhibition facilities - quite an interesting modern architecture. Also along the river you can find several restaurants in the row with a nice view. We have tried the first (if to walk from the Dome) Italian one (don't recall the name) which was on the way. The food was really good, the waitress was very friendly and fast. It was a pleasure to watch the river and to eat delicious pasta.
Another option is to walk to the shopping area straight forward from the Dome. There you will find thousands of shops of any possible types. They are concentrated in several pedestrian streets and always full of people.
Of course Köln also has to offer lots of cultural activities, such as numerous museums of all the kinds. You can get additional information at the Tourist Information office just next to the train station, in front of the Dome. [more ]


Cologne is one of the most over rated places I have ever been to. I had great expectations and I ended up with a bad opinion of the place. In Cologne there is just one thing to see; the Cathedral that is about it. After you arrive by train go out of the train station and you re going to have a great view of the Cathedral, what I recommend you do is go around it then inside, go upstairs to the tower, take a picture, and then return to the train and go somewhere else.
If you are rally into shopping, the place is also full of shops, but nothing great nor special. Probably you could also go to the chocolate factory, which is by the river, again probably I am being a little hard on the city, but that is only because everyone told me it was the best place ever and that I was going to love it, and I honestly can say it is nothing special.
I recommend you go and just check out the city, you may end up loving it. [more ]

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NH Köln Cologne
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