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Fischbach Farms

3.0 stars


Fischbach, a place to get fresh fruits

Fischbach is a quarter of Friedrichshafen at Bodensee district. Fischbach is a very small town. And most of the townspeople there are farmers. If you want to have fresh fruits, I think Fischbach is the right place to go. Most of the farms there are apple farms and vineyards. I guess there are still other farms, but I only found apple farms and the vineyards. Last winter, my best friend went to the apple farm to buy some apples. So, basically you pay some money, and you can pick your own apples, and the owner will weigh your apples. When I was there last time, they have done harvesting the fruits, so I had to wait until the next season. So now, you know where to pick your fresh fruits when you are around Bodensee area. [more ]

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