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Frauenstraße 24 - Kulturzentrum, Münster

4.0 stars


Squatters, beer, and literature

Frauenstr. 24 is the address and the name of this establishment. The house became famous - though only within the city walls - when it got occupied in the 70s by squatters. It´s been a culture center since, whatever that means. To me it´s simply a pub that serves good, simple, international dishes and local beer. The atmosphere is sorta leftish, as you would expect, with semi-revolutionary propaganda on the walls and international magazines flying around. It´s a pleasant enough place to sip a soy café latté or a tomato juice, the staff are always friendly and prices are good. [more ]

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Frauenstraße 24 - Kulturzentrum Münster Das Jugendstilhaus mit Außengastronomie
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