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Zizka Monument, Prague

4.0 stars


A Different Perspective from Vitkov Hill

Just East of the old town is a huge hill dominated by an even huger fat guy on a horse. This is the Jan Zizka monument on Vitkov hill, and while it's nothing amazing in itself it can be the basis for a good day's exploring. The walk up the hill is nice, for those who like walking up hills (it's not as heavy going as the climb to the castle at least) and the view is even better.

The best thing about Vitkov Hill, however, is that it's surrounded on one side by Zizkov, a colourful area full of great bars, and on the other by Karlin, a colourful area full of great bars. I'd particularly recommend U Vystrelnyho Oka (The Shot Out Eye) at the bottom of the hill as a good place to reward your exercise with a pint or two. [more ]

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