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Dobra Cajovna, Prague

4.0 stars


Relaxing Teahouse in the Bustling Centre

Czech cajovnas or teahouses are a great institution, not to mention a great antidote to the smoky pubs and clubs that dominate in the Czech Republic.

There are lots of great cajovnas in Prague, but Dobra Cajovna is possibly the most central and accessible, being situated right in the middle of Wenceslas Square.

The idea behind cajovnas is to create a calm and relaxing environment, and Dobra Cajovna is suitably zen. The waiters look as if they were recruited in some nearby buddhist temple, and the decor emphasises the eastern influence. The selection of teas is fantastic and not unreasonable. If you can't understand why you have a bell on your table it's to summon the waiter.

Dobra Cajovna offers a much needed haven of peace from the frantic commerciality of its environs. [more ]

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