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La Tuna (traditional troubadours), Santiago de Compostela

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Troubadours and traditional music

The word Tuna comes from the word tune and it was the name given to a group of students from Fonseca University that would get paid,back in the 18th century by men in love, to go and sing love songs,like troubadours, to the balconies of the women they loved. They Tuna have traditional outfits and every lace in their cape symbolizes a woman´s hearts. The Tuna tradition still continues and although is less common there are still romantic that hire the Tuna to go and sing at their weddings. Also in their clothing they will have attached banners from every country of the world they visit as "tuneros". You will find it usually in front of the Cathedral selling their music [more ]

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La Tuna (traditional troubadours) Santiago de Compostela
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