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Brisa Del Mar, Playa Hermosa

4.0 stars


Brisa Del Mar at Hermosa Beach

If, like me, you don´t like the atmosphere of Jaco with its sleezy bars, tourism, drugs, prostitution... then Hermosa Beach is a much more relaxed alternative. Briosa Del Mar, owned by a guy from Florida named Denis was a fun place to stay and, at US$ 10 per night is cheap for the area. On top of this you have a pretty well equipped kitchen you can cook with which keeps expenses down if you are on a budget. There are other rooms available at a higher price with air-con and nicer beds than the ones in the 10 dollar dorm room. The dorm has a TV and a fan and makes a good place tyo crash after surfing.
The owner Denis is an extremely laid bach character, and has created a fun environment for surfers to hang out. He also ownes a jet ski and with a bit of encouragement will take you out for a tow-in session. [more ]

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Brisa Del Mar Playa Hermosa
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