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Babylon, Tamarindo

2.0 stars


Watch your pockets

Babylon is one of the big clubs in Tamarindo and attracts lots of foreigners, locals and a good number of pick pockets. You really need to be careful of this danger in here and other clubs in Tamarindo. Both me and a friend had money stolen from our pockets. I went to get a drink, put some change in my pocket and went back to the dance floor. Someone had obviously watched this and took the money from my pocket within minutes. I didn´t feel a thing. My friend had exactly the same thing but actually caught the hand in his pocket which quickly disappeared into a group of four men. He asked for the money back and they just shrugged and walked off. You cant do much in that situation really. The danger is that we all where similart surf shorts with one posket down by the knee. Its quite easy for someone dancing next to you to slip into this... so watch out! Definitely don´t take a wallet or any bank cards with you. [more ]

Reggae night

Babylon is one of the bigger clubs in Tamarindo and attracts a good mixture of Ticans and foreigners looking for a fun night out. Beware of pickpockets though... seriously the place is riddled with them - see my other travel tip. I went to Babylon on Thursday, which is reggae night. There was some good music but it is was mostly RnB which I´m not so keen on! The club is big with three bars and a big dance floor type area and it gets busy on popular nights and there was a fun atmosphere inside. Prices were ok, it was 2USD for a bottle of beer, 4USD for a shot of tequila. [more ]

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