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Playa Tamarindo

1.0 stars


Surfing Tamarindo

I found Tamarindo to have pretty poor surf. The main beach is full of beginners and doesn´t have anything like the quality of waves I was looking for. It just came over as a pretty lame beach break. There are some other breaks to the north and south with better waves and of course there is the option of going to Witch´s Rock or Ollie´s point from Tamarindo - the two nearby breaks that transformed this town after appearing in Endless Summer 2. Getting to these breaks is surprisingly difficult and expensive - the lowest quote I could get to Witch´s Rock was still 150 USD for a day trip... [more ]

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Playa Tamarindo Tamarindo Disfrutando de un coctel en Tamarindo Tienda de surf en Tamarindo Playa de Tamarindo, Costa Rica Surfeando en Tamarindo
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1. Playa Grande 3.42 mi
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1. Bruno´s Restaurante 1.56 mi
2. Kike's Place Restaurant 6.64 mi
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