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The Waterfalls, Montezuma

5.0 stars


The best thing in Montezuma...

The waterfalls at Montezuma are one of the highlights of my time in Costa Rica and definitely the best thing about Montezuma - forget the tales of white sand beaches in Lonely Planet (they are just not there), the expensive canopy tours and the stalls of jewllery in the town... the waterfalls are free, refreshing to swim in and exhilerating to jump off! After a fifteen minute walk, in the hot sun, up the river from Montezuma (the path starts to the south of Montezuma town) you are just about ready for the beautiful, cool fresh water pool at the bottom of the first of two big waterfalls. I´d estimate the waterfall is about 25 meters in height. Swimming in the pool and standing under the falling water to get a free massage is really pleasurable! At this waterfall you can jump from rocks to the side of the falls or can climb about halfway up and jump but I really don´t think jumping the whole thing is possible because of the horizontal distance you have to clear.
There is a second, dare I say, even better waterfall a fifteen minute climb from the first. Itd a beautiful spot with a, roughly, twelve meter waterfall that is pretty safe to jump. It is well worth visiting and travellers from all over hang out by the pools and jumps having fun. [more ]

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