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Confeitaria Colombo, Rio de Janeiro

4.0 stars


Confeitaria Colombo

This is a great place to treat yourself to a decadent snack in equally decadent surroundings. The enormous belle-epoque building is a coffee shop and patisserie - cakes and waffles here are a real treat for anyone with a sweet tooth. There's a formal restaurant on the top floor, serving full meals (such as feijoada on Saturdays) or you can just come in for a coffee and a cake. When I visited it was very busy and the service was slow...I was in a hurry and decided to just grab a cheese-filled bread to take away - savoury snacks here are decent as well. If you have a little more time though, it's worth sticking around a while to soak up the opulent atmosphere that is a real contrast to the rough and ready Centro streets outside. You'll find Confeitaria Colombo in Centro, at Rua Concalves Dias 32 - a short walk from Carioca Metro Station. [more ]

Luxury and history in Confeitaria Colombo

The Confeitaria Colombo, located in the city centre, is part of the Rio de Janeiro’s history. The traditional house was opened on 1894 and used to receive politicians, intellectual and artists. The luxurious saloons are well-decorated with classic furniture and the architecture remains the art nouveau style. The house is divided in some parts. The Bar Jardim, in the first floor, is a great option for teatime, with delicious cakes and biscuits. It is amazing to sit in tables of 19 century to have a coffee, admiring the great decoration. In the second floor, it works the Cristovao restaurant, with tasty dishes, which have influence from Portuguese and Spanish cuisines, and high quality service. The Confeitaria Colombo is not so cheap; but is well worth at least for a cup of tea and piece of cake. [more ]

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