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Xuan Mai, Bangkok

4.0 stars


The Owner is ex FBI !!!

Wether people come to Xuan Mai for the quality of the food, which is very good, or to possibly meet the owner, who is an ex FBI agent, is open to question. I went for the food, but once I had read her story and listened to an interview, I was just as intrigued by Meyung Robson as I was by her restaurant. That apart, she is now a restaurant owner and chef, and has created a lovely liltte Vietnamese restaurant in the heart of Bangkok. The Beef Pho is as good as you would get in Ha Noi, and Meyung is keen to keep the true Vietnamese flavours alive in Bangkok. The restaurant is small, and quite simple, but it is well worth a visit - you may even be treated to some interesting stories! [more ]

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