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Rick's, Hong Kong City

4.0 stars


A Greek Soho..Hong Kong

So, Saturday night in Soho. There’s a myriad of bars and restaurants vying for your attention and for 2 excited mainlanders (i.e. one Brit and one French living in Shanghai) the choice of quality venues all in one quaint district was almost too much. Surprisingly, then, we eschewed the busy, cool-looking bars, for Rick’s, an almost empty bar on the corner of Elgin Street. Why? Because it looked Greek. And we miss the nice bits of Europe, of which there are many, but the Greek Islands especially have a place in my heart.

On this basis alone we pulled up a stool at a corner table overlooking the street and were greeted by possibly the friendliest waiter ever! This great Filipino guy brought us drinks, free olives (because we asked…rather shamefully) and was great to chat to.

The bar itself is decorated in the white and blue of The Cyclades and typically Greek in style, though it seems the kitchen is multinational as the chef even offered us left over pizza when the kitchen closed. Newly opened, despite its unassuming interior, Rick’s is definitely one to pop in to for an ouzo. Or a free pizza if you’re lucky! [more ]

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