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Felix, Hong Kong City

4.0 stars


Historic but Modern: Quintessionally Hong Kong

If you’re in Hong Kong, it’d almost be rude not to have a cocktail at The Peninsula. Having been there 6 years ago and having had loved it then, I went back to this beautiful and charismatic hotel last weekend for a drink in Felix; the Philippe Starck-designed bar and restaurant.

Maybe I’m too used to drinking in Shanghai’s dive bars these days, but I think there’s still something about Felix that will impress the most jaded of cocktail loungers. The drinks were good (though not as strong as I hoped) but it’s the view that people come for. Situated on the Kowloon side, The Peninsula faces across the bay to the island, and Felix has the best view of all. Especially the bathrooms! (The female washroom is pretty amazing but I’m told the men’s is jaw-dropping…)

Just make sure that when you enter you aren’t ushered up to the little 2nd level bar as it feels like a place to shove tourists! My friend and I were shown up there and everybody looked pretty disgruntled, so I asked if we could have a seat downstairs in the main bar, and the staff were perfectly willing to seat us at the long, candle strewn, table at the top of the room. It pays to ask, sometimes! [more ]

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