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The Pancake Bakery, Amsterdam

5.0 stars


Pancake Factory

This is one of my favourite restaurant in Amsterdam. I was there once with my friends on my second or third trip to this crazy city. That was also when I falled in love with this Dutch cuisine. Normally I do not like Dutch food at all, but pancakes are just something completely different. I tried to find Pancake Factory last time I went there with my fiance, but it was just impossible to find it. We asked around and people just told us that we could just have pancakes at every corner. Anyway, I think it was pretty good too because then we went to Sarah's pancakes House instead. I cannot compare the pancakes of Pancake Factory and Sarah's Pancakes House at all. They are one of a kind, but they taste completely different. One thing better about the Pancake Factory is that the staff was absolutely more friendly to the customers than the staff by Sarah's Pancakes House. Just my very own comparison, you might think different though, so just check these two places out when you are in town. [more ]

The Pancake Bakery: Pancakes aren't just for breakfast!

While not listed as a major attraction, the Pancake Bakery is one of Amsterdam's best kept secrets and owes its notoriety as a MUST EAT AT during your visit mostly to word-of-mouth by very satisfied customers (this one included).

This hole-in-the-wall (literally) restaurant is on the same major street approximately 10 minutes up from Anne Frank’s house and museum. The exterior belies a large narrow seating area and an extremely busy hustle and bustle! The food is great (every kind of pancake wrap you can think of); however, make sure you leave plenty of time as the volume of patrons comparative to the number of staff equate to a some delays between ordering and eating.

We sampled the Mexican pancake consisting of spicy chicken, green peppers, black beans, tomatoes, etc.; and the apple, cinnamon ice-cream and whipped cream pancake (my personal favorite).

For American readers, these are not your typical buttermilk, or thick flapjacks served for breakfast but are really extremely large crepe-style wraps. Thus, you are not stuffing yourself with dough or bread but with whatever ingredients (there is a long list of options in the menu) inside your pancake!

I also highly recommend the peppermint tea which arrives as it should—peppermint twigs and leaves stuffed in a glass of extremely hot water with cane cubes for sweetening.

Be sure to check the Bakery's website for the menu; you may want to consider making reservations! [more ]

Pancake Bakery

An amsterdam legend! This place is for locals as well as the tourists, and it's extremely popular, so unless you hit it very early or between meal times you can expect to wait. We did wait, though, because we knew it would be worth it, and it was. The breakfast is amazing, and you would never believe the amount of interesting choices. Venison pancakes? Yes, please. There are plenty of "normal" choices as well if you're not feeling adventurous, but my recommendation is to try one of the country-themed pancakes. The portions are gigantic, so I guarantee you will not come out of the place hungry. Convenient for a stop before or after a visit to the Anne Frank house. [more ]

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The Pancake Bakery Amsterdam
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