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Guadalupe Restaurant, Amsterdam

4.0 stars


Tex-Mex Cuisine--almost!

Having tasted first hand real Tex-Mex from the American Southwest, I was game to see how close an Amsterdam Mexican restaurant stacked up.

One thing is certain, there are no shortages of Mexican restaurants in Amsterdam. There are at least three on every street! However, sometimes the three are actually all rolled into one such as the case with the Texas Restaurant and Guadalupe’s. Preferring Guadalupe’s posted menu selections, we entered the establishment only to be seated in the neighboring “Texas Restaurant”. The "Texas/Guadalupe" are two separate establishments, with separate menus, but with an open walkway between them. We discovered later that "Guadalupe’s" was a late dinner establishment, while the "Texas" was for lunch and early dinner.

To start, the salsa chips were small, triangular shaped, but not true "tortilla" chips although they did have a flavorful chili pepper salting. Three sauces--extremely hot, medium, and mild--accompanied the chips and each lived up to its description!

For the main course, my companion opted for a steak dinner while I selected my staple "Mexican meal" tester for all Tex-Mex restaurants: the chicken enchilada platter. The steak was black-pepper seasoned and grilled to near perfection and came with either jacket potatoe or steak fries and a small platter of lettuce and tomatoe (garden salad).

The chicken enchilada was not quite to Tex-Mex standards and was a little bland. I resorted to using left-over medium salsa to spice it up a bit. The rice was also not the typical southwestern Spanish rice, but was more of a rice pilaf with curry.

While not the perfect Tex-Mex meal, the food was very good and our bill did not exceed 20 euros (including tip) for drinks, appetizers, main course, and the honey tortilla wraps for two people. The service was good (granted, we were the only ones in the restaurant) as was the food; its location--close to Grand Amrath Hotel--and the very reasonable prices all made for a relaxing meal and good experience. [more ]

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Guadalupe Restaurant Amsterdam
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