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The Flight of The Gibbon, Chiang Mai

4.0 stars


Zipping Across The Treetops

This is good fun and could be regarded as soft adventure, although some may find it more than enough excitment. Flight of The Gibbon is a way of seeing the tropical rainforest by a series of platforms, walkways at treetop level ,and using zip lines through the jungle. It cannot be argued that this is an exciting way to get around and in a way mimics the way Gibbons move, but they don't have the helmets and safety gear. The cost is reasonable at around 2,000 Baht for a day trip and they will collect visitors from Chiang Mai. There is another one in Pattaya and the latest is in Bangkok, but for me Chiang Mai is the one to go for - its the only way to travel in the rainforest. 10% of the takings is donated to caring for Gibbons. [more ]

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