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Haagen Dazs, London

5.0 stars


The Haagen Dazs Cafe

Haagen Dazs is no novelty - there are cafes, takeaways, and merchandise all over the world. You can't move for the logo in Paris. But the one in London's Leicester Square remains something special. For £6 you can order a sumptuous cocktail (is that brainfreeze or alcohol you're feeling?) or a "creation" of ice cream, pastries and sweet treats. For special occasions there's even an ice cream fondue set worth risking diabetes for. Summer coolers, modest muffins, and positively erotic visuals of swirling ice cream make this the perfect indulgence stop for tourist and inhabitant alike! [more ]

The delicious flavour of Haagen-Dazs

I really enjoy walking in Leicester Square just to stop at Haagen Dazs, which serves the best ice-creams ever for me. The house has the take-away shop, where you can taste and buy different flavours of ice-cream, and the restaurant, where are offered a variety of options in the menu. You can taste ice-creams with waffles, crepes, brownies or, if you prefer, you can choose the ingredients and make your own dish. Besides this, in the shop, you can find cafés and Afternoon tea, a great selection of the best of the house. The restaurant is comfortable, with friendly staff, where you can feel very relaxed. [more ]

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