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The Church of Sv. Jakub, Prague

4.0 stars


Prague's Creepy Arm Church

Whilst Kutna Hora is proud home to the Czech Republic's fanous bone-church, Prague has its own "shrivelled arm" church near to Old Town Square. The story behind St Jakub's Church on Jakubska is that an unemployed man was facing from his flat just as his wife was about to give birth. When he was unable to get the money together to keep a roof over their heads, he decided to steal from the church. He hid amongst the pews until the priest had closed up for the night, then climbed up on the statue of the Madonna to take some of her gold adornments. The Madonna didn't take kindly to this, however, and grabbed his arm and refused to let go. The next morning the Priest returned to find the man still hanging there, and was only able to release him by cutting off the arm. Madonna considered this just punishment for his crime, and in turn relinquished her grasp of the limb. The arm is still hanging in the church to this day as a warning to potential thieves. Go see for yourself! [more ]

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