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The Village, Beijing

4.0 stars


A Modern Village in the Heart of a City

Beijing: a city of contrasts where ancient and ultra-modern architecture sit side by side. Not being knowledgeable about architecture, I’ll leave it there, but on my visit to the capital last weekend, I loved the feeling of being lost down a quaint hutong one minute and in the futuristic surroundings of ‘The Village’ the next.

The Village, in Sanlitun, is one of those “lifestyle” open air malls created to seduce you into parting with your hard-earned cash, but, being a fan of shopping/drinking/eating I liked this place not just for its great selection of shops (flagship Apple, Adidas, Nike and Uniqlo stores, plus fashion retailers), varied selection of restaurants (with roof terraces) but also for its avant-garde design.

In the day choreographed fountains leap into the air in the main square, whilst on the evening I visited, a DJ from the Acupuncture trainer store span tunes in front of a giant screen showing funky graphics. Last but not least, the whole place was lit up with yellow lights that emanated from somewhere deep within. If you’re an unashamed (or even an undercover) mall rat like me, check The Village out; it’s a mall with a difference. [more ]

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