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Lepa Brena, Timişoara

4.0 stars


Lepa Brena Bar

Timisoara’s Lepa Brena is both a restaurant and a club, at night the place becomes alive with both young and old people wanting to dance on manele, Romanian Music. The place is rather big, with many wooden tables and a live band that plays until morning. The food is good, but there is too much smoke and it is also a crowdy place. Therefore I rarely eat there and I go just for the music and drinks. The fun never stops, people dance and the music is very energetic. A dress code is not obligatory but you most are dressed especially for the occasion. The prices are not very expensive but not cheap either. A bottle of wine is about 15-20 euros. The service is not very good, but only two waiters can hardly deal with all the customers. [more ]

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Lepa Brena Timişoara
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