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Los Bidones, Iquitos

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Iquitos exotic drinks - chicha and cocona juice

Iquitos has much to offer in what comes to try new exotic food and drinks. At Los Bidones I drank chicha and cocona juice. There are many fermented chichas based on corn, but I had a non-fermented one, called chicha morada, obtained from purple-black corn (maize). It tastes to sweat non-alcoholic wine, sort of soft sangria – and indeed has pineapple and spices in its boiled preparation. Chicha is also called the Inca drink, since it was consumed in large amounts during Inca religious festivals.
Cocona is a fruit that can look like a pear – but comes in other shapes and colors. It is also known “loosely” at times as Orinoco apple, or peach tomato. Its scientific name is Solanum sessiliflorum, and it tastes indeed as a soft sweat pear. Cocona is used also for spicing food.
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Iquitos exotic food, swamp cabbage (chonta) salad

Los Bidones is a nice restaurant and bar located very near to the central Iquitos’ Plaza de Armas. It has nice personnel and very reasonable prices. If you want to try exotic food I recommend chonta in salads. This is a white vegetable taken from the heart of palm trees. It used to be quite expensive, and called “millionaire’s salad”, because normally the extraction of wild chonta would kill the tree. Now there are domestic species that produce it abundantly without killing the chonta palm. Chonta is also known as swamp cabbage or palmito.
Then you can try some camu camu fruit and a ball of fried banana with incrustrated pieces of porc meat, called Tacacho. Try also yellow ají (a kind of chili pepper spice) or cocona spice - they go well with everything.
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Los Bidones Iquitos Iquitos exotic - drinking chicha and tasting cocona spice
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