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No Signboard Seafood Restaurant, Singapore City

4.0 stars


Royal Plaza on Scotts – affordable comfort in the city center

Standing tall and proud in the heart of Singapore’s fashion hub, this world-class hotel is affordable, yet delectable. With 4-star facilities and furnishing, this hotel provides comfort away from home.

This hotel is located along Orchard Road, and this is the best location to be at. It serves as an excellent base from which to explore the various sides of the city – be it the sophisticated nightlife or the cultural zones. Just 5 minutes’ away from the nearest MRT (metro) station, it is also well-linked to all the central spots of the city.

Be prepared to push through the throngs of crowd though, as Orchard Road fills up with people especially on weekends. In comparison with other hotels in the vicinity, Royal Plaza on Scotts offer the best-quality rooms with the lowest prices. [more ]

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