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Pfänder, Bregenz

4.0 stars


Pfänder (Pfaender) Mountain is amazing!

Pfaender Mountain is one of the mountains in Austria. When you walk to the top of it, you’ll love the views. From one side, you’ll see the view of the Constance Lake, and the other side, the view of the amazing Alps. My friends and I went there in March and it was spring. Don’t be so surprised if you still see the thick snow. It is always snowing there. Besides some private houses, you’ll also find some cafes or tea shops. I think they look cute, because they just like private houses with menu in front of them. There are 2 ways to reach the top of the Pfaeder; walking or taking the cable cars. I haven’t taken the cable cars yet, but I bet the view must be awesome from the top. One very important information, if you go there during winter and spring, make sure that you wear the right shoes, because the snow is very slippery, and it would be dangerous.
In summer, you can enjoy the Eagle Observatory, normally it starts from May until October. Hiking, we can always do that, no matter in summer or winter. Biking is better in summer. I am sure you’ll love this place!
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