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Monument of Peace, Aachen

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Monument of Peace

“This monument depicts the story of Israel as the Star of David”, that is written on the Monument of Peace in German language. Monument of Peace was built on September 19, 1862 by the locals in Aachen.
It is located in front of the synagogue.
Five pieces of green glass built the shape of Magen David (Shield of David). The color looks very interesting to me.
On one side of the Magen David, written Isaiah 49:6. This monument was built by Evangelism and Catholic Community as a peace sign to everybody, against racism and hate. There are benches for people to hang out. I only see old people and police hang out there most of the time. In autumn, the trees around it will get yellow. When the sunshine in autumn, it is best time to sit there and get some drinks!

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Monument of Peace Aachen Isaiah 49:6
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