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St. George and the Dragon Statue, Stockholm

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St. George and the Dragon Statue

The famous wooden and gold statue of St. George and the Dragon is housed in the Stockholm Cathedral near the Palace. There is also a bronze replica of the statue on Köpmanbrinken. With age, and exposure to the elements, the large statue looks green and black. There are some subtle differences between the two statues. See how many you can find! We found 3 (not counting what the statues are made of!)

St. George is mounted on a horse, and he was said to be slaying the dragon to save a princess. In the legend that ties the slaying of the dragon to a symbol of Sweden, Sweden is represented by the rescued princess and the dragon is the invading army. It's the battle at Brunkeberg in the 1470's when Sweden was being attacked by the Danes. The Swedes emerged victorious, and the statue of St. George the Dragon was commissioned for the church in Stockholm.

It can also be a way to see the iconic statue without having to pay the 30 sek entrance fee for Stockholm Cathedral. It makes for a good photo. [more ]

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