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Soldier Cemetery, Stetten

3.0 stars


Soldier Cemetery at Stetten

This soldier cemetery is located in Lerchenberg, Stetten. From the cemetery, you can see the nice view of Constance Lake. There is not much inside the cemetery, there is only a list of countries which got involved in WW I and WW II and names on the floor. My friend and I tried to get in from the front door. We looked very silly, because obviously it was locked. We were standing there for minutes and trying to figure it out how to get inside. We were very amazed by the door, the shape and design were interesting. In the end, we gave up. We walked to the backside. We were laughing at ourselves, and thinking how silly we were. Because to get in, we can’t use the front door, but from the backside. I have to admit that the view is really amazing. Not to mention, the spiky statue inside the cemetery. [more ]

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1. Meersburg Therme 0.18 mi
2. Stetten Town 0.64 mi
3. Castle of Meersburg 0.95 mi
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