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Side Kebap, Aachen

3.0 stars


Side Kebap, tasty kebap plus nice Turkish tea

After having clubbed for hours, I was very hungry. There were a lot of restaurants available, but I saw a whole bunches of people went to Side Kebap (pronounce: See-duh Kebap). Then I decided to give it a try.
I didn’t regret it. Side Kebap is really good. I had Iskandar Kebap with Turkish black tea. It was a great combination! Of course, they offer different kinds of Turkish food like lahmacun, doner, etc. But Side Kebap is famous for its Iskandar Kebap.
The prices are very affordable, that’s why I think people like it. Good food with cheap price!
Don’t be surprised if you always see a lot of people in the restaurant.

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