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Casa Salsa, Miami

5.0 stars


Casa Salsa: Best for Fun and a Bite of Puerto Rican Food

The Casa Salsa is one of the most popular restaurants on Ocean Drive. Situated near the end of South Beach, in my opinion, everything--from the interior design to the live music, and of course, the food--is impressive. The restaurant has a menu that is a delight to the taste buds. Everything I sampled was delicious. For a true trip through Puerto Rico, I recommend the traditional dishes: surullos, alcapurrias, asopao, and arroz con gandules. The dish I particularly love is mofongo: plantains mashed with oil and garlic and filled with a choice of chicken, lobster or beef, then topped with a fantastic tomato-based salsa, all served in the typical wooden pilon. Don't miss the sizzling nightlife here. Things really start rockin’ at midnight. For information, call 1-305-604-5959, or visit's-Casa-Salsa/restaurant/Miami-Beach/FL/US/map/517262. [more ]

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