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Puerta de San Vicente, Madrid

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Madrid - Puerta de San Vicente

Madrid has many “Triumphal Arch” like structures, called Puertas (Doors) in Castilian Spanish. Some are more famous than others – like Puerta de Toledo, or Puerta de Alcalá. In the Principe Pio area, near the River Manzanares, as you walk to the Gardens of the Moor’s Field, you will pass across the roundabout (called Glorieta in Castilian) Puerta de San Vicente.
The present monument is a replica built with concrete plated in granite and limestone. The original monument had a statue of San Vincent on it, but was already in bad shape when another one was constructed by the end of the XVIII century. By the end of the XIX century the monument was dismantled for traffic reasons – but its stones whereabouts totally lost, until the present copy was rebuilt already in 1995. Today, ironically, it is still an hectic traffic area.
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