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Palacio Real de Madrid

4.0 stars


Tapas, Tapas- a Spanish Delight!

My latest trip to Spain yet again reminded me what a great tradition "tapas" is- strolling from bar to bar to enjoy a glass of sangria or wine accompanied with some delicious morsel of food. We thoroughly enjoyed the fact that you don't just sit in the same bar all night and if you are only on a short break you still have the chance to pay lots of establishments a visit in a small space of time.
The free tapas tradition is though often no longer maintained and you may well find yourself having to fork out some money for your light bite.
We paid lots of tapas bars in the district of Sol in Madrid a visit and more often than not we ended up paying anything from 2€ to 6€ a tapas. You will find that the size and quality of the tapas provided is often very different and varies from bar to bar. By the second night we had wised up a bit and retreated into the little streets hidden away behind the main attractions- it was here that we discovered the places where all the locals hung out at night. In one particular bar with every round of drinks we were given fresh prawns, olives, roasted almonds, chorizo sausage etc etc..and all free of charge- what a gem to restore our faith in the game of tapas! [more ]

Beer and montaditos at good prices

I went to one of the Cerveceria 100 Montaditos, near Palacio Real (Royal Palace), and I really liked the chain. They serve drinks and the famous “montaditos”, little portions of sandwiches with jamon (ham), cheese, and chicken, among others. They also have chips and salads. I tried some such as with ham and with pork and they were delicious! Besides this, the restaurant has tables outside, so it is possible to enjoy the great atmosphere of Madrid. If you want to try, I would suggest going to the same one on Wednesday, when they have great deals and the drinks and food have special prices (normally everything is just 1 euro!) and the visit to the neighbour Palace is free for EU citizens. [more ]

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Palacio Real de Madrid Madrid El Palacio Real de Madrid desde los Jardines de Sabatini
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