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Dijan Dizayn, Ankara

4.0 stars


Dijan Dizayn: Turkish Handi-Crafts at the Citadel

There are many curio tourist shops in Ankara. However, my personal favorite is Dijan Dizayn located just inside the Citadel’s archway. The owners actually own the store directly across as well with numerous styles of silver jewelry, scarves, and leather goods. The main shop is packet with exquisite, hand-made items from plates to chess sets, and from jewelry to leather hand bags. And the employees are prepared to treat you as a welcomed friend.

Almost all shops will offer you tea (chai or apple), especially if you show interest in one or more of their wares. For these shop owners, offering tea is not simply a show of hospitality but a way to establish a link between strangers. This is especially true when visiting rug shops or making high price items. These purchases should not be considered a quick in-and-out experience but requires time to look at all of the possible options and styles available. As with most independently owned shops in Turkey, bartering is expected. And the best deals are made over tea.

Rarely will you find a price tag on items in a family-owned business. At Dijan Dizayn (named for the store owner’s wife), I found that if I decided to buy two of one thing (e.g., a hand-made bracelet or earrings, I usually got a third one free. Or, if I was purchasing several items, I would receive a “discount” percentage. Granted, I the store owners are not loosing money, but at Dijan Dizayn I felt I was receiving quality goods at great prices. I highly recommend stopping by! Tell them “Ashley Moray” sent you. Who knows, you might get a discount! [more ]

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