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Mercedes-Benz-Museum Stuttgart

4.0 stars


Mercerdes Benz Museum Pilgrim Trip

Mercerdes Benz Car models in all times. It was quite an experience reviewing the history of engine, car evolution and Germany history in all eras. Not only the museum is neatly composed with 4 different theme layout With the latest Hi-tech audio system, all the tourists can witness the success of Mercerdes and bathe in its miracle. Wait..wait…
If I were you, I wouldn’t wanna miss it. [more ]

Mercedes-Benz Museum, Stuttgart

I'm a car nut, so am rarely disappointed when I visit car museums. However, this new Mercedes museum took my breath away. The building itself looks like something out of a James Bond movie...
You start at the top and then wind your way down, but don't stick to the order - I preferred walking around on my own. There are many rarely seen cars here, including concepts and racing cars. I was almost in tears when I saw the Uhlenhaut coupe for the first time...
The Museum also has a comprehensive shop, with many model cars, clothing and other accessories. [more ]

Mercedes-Benz Museum

The Museum itself is located inside the main complex at Mercedes-Benz (jump on the S1 train from the main railway station, get off at Gottlieb-Daimler station and just follow the signs) or there’s ample car parking available. The building had only been open a year when I visited so still looked shiny and new. You start at the top of a seven storey building and follow a chronological history down through the seven floors with the help of the audio guides which are free. Each floor covers a 15-20 year time-span in the production of MB cars (including recaps on world events occurring at the same time) with some fabulous motors on display. It’s a very impressive museum with a cafe & restaurant on site too. [more ]

Mercedes Benz Museum Stuttgart

The automobile museum Mercedes Benz in Stuttgart is the biggest brand museum in the world and opened in May 2006. The building itself is very modern and impressive – it is almost an art construction – built out of glass and concrete, eight floors high. When you enter the museum, an elevator that looks like a space ship brings you to the top floor where the exhibition starts. Then you make your way down in circles to the ground floor, learning about the whole history of Mercedes Benz and Daimler Chrysler as you walk. If you like cars, it really is a paradise – inside the museum are more than 100 original exhibits, background information and all of this is at the very original setting – in Stuttgart, where Mercedes Benz was founded. [more ]

Mercedes Museum

Mercedes Benz Museum

Just going the Museum’s architecture is a reason to see the Mercedes Benz Museum. The Museum has the most unique design that I’ve seen in Stuttgart.

The strangest thing about the tour inside this Museum is that it starts from the top floor and you work down. Here you can learn about the history of Mercedes, one of the best German car manufacturers. Here I must have seen almost every car made by Mercedes. They start off from the very first car and work all the way to the cars of today.

At the very end of the tour is a museum shop where it is possible to buy all sorts of soveigners including posters and dvds. As this museum was one of the highlights of my trip to Stuttgart, I bought a lot in the museum shop.

Even if you aren’t a fan of cars, this museum is very interesting. There is an overwhelming amount of information about cars, but going through the museum gave me a more personal perspective to the Mercedes and allows them to demonstrate their technological skills for continuing [more ]

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