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Zuri Rollt Bicycle Hire, Zürich

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Inspiring Rides at Zuri Rollt Bicycle Hire

Zuri Rollt is a Zurich organization that provides an extremely unique service of hiring out bicycles to both Locals and tourists in the city of Zurich. I learnt about this facility from a friend because the bicycle hire is very popular among tourists who prefer to conduct simple tours of Zurich city as well as thorough cross-country expeditions. Zuri Rollt provides bicycles for use within the city of Zurich upon payment of a deposit and presentation of valid identification such as ID cards, driving licenses or passports. Upon signing relevant agreement forms committing to return the bicycle in good form and order within the stipulated timeframe, borrowers are then allowed to use the bicycles. The deposited items would then be relinquished upon the return of the bicycle in good order. I would recommend bicycle transport to anyone seeking flexibility and convenience of making as many stops as possible without encountering problems such as lack of parking space of traffic snarl-ups. Zurich City has an advanced road network and infrastructure making bicycle riding a smooth and lovely experience. [more ]

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1. Polybahn 0.00 mi
2. Zürich Hauptbahnhof 0.00 mi
3. The Zurich Lake Area 0.00 mi
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1. Tiffins 0.00 mi
2. Blindekuh 0.00 mi
3. Tibits Restaurant 0.35 mi
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