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Strawberry Hill, San Francisco

3.0 stars


Didn't Quite Find My Thrill on Strawberry Hill

Strawberry Hill mostly intrigued me because of the name - I found blackberries there but no strawberries. It didn't look like the shape of a strawberry to me either, so the mystery hasn't really been solved.

Anyway, Strawberry Hill is an island in Golden Gate Park in the middle of Lake Stowe, close to the Japanese Gardens etc. It's a sweet area - fairly peaceful, with lots of ducks. There's even a nice Chinese pagoda just to really confuse you about where you are. There are two bridges that connect the hill with the rest of the park, and when you're on the island the path winds round and round it, eventually reach a plateau that on a clear day has a pretty impressive 360 degree panorama. It's not a challenging walk, and there are some really cool trees.

I don't know that I would recommend it to anyone visiting for a short time, but on a nice day I think it's worth checking out. [more ]

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