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Cafe Boheme, San Francisco

4.0 stars


My Favourite People Watching Spot

Cafe Boheme isn't a particularly special cafe in any discernable way, but I've taken to going there a lot recently and it grows on me more every time. It's right next to the 24th and Mission BART station, and I first went there because I think it's pretty much the only place in that part of town that has free wifi (they also have computers, which presumably aren't free). The coffee is decent, the atmosphere and layout of the place is nice. It's very open and airy, with a nicely eclectic range of seating. The staff are sweet too. The best thing for me though is the people watching - a lot of old Mexicans seem to hang around in the afternoons, and it gets a lot of people coming and going on the way to the BART as well as the inevitable Mission loiterers. Sometimes it's quiet, sometimes it's bustling and I really like it both ways.

Sometimes the simplest places are the best, and I guess that's true of Cafe Boheme. [more ]

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