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Cafe Gratitude, San Francisco

3.0 stars


What Are You Grateful For?

A friend took me to Gratitude to give me a unique San Francisco experience, and I wasn't disappointed. Aside from being vegan, Gratitude plays with a lot of the standard restaurant conventions. For example, you have to share tables with random strangers and even though it gets very crowded you can't make advance reservations. There is a strong hippy/pseudo-Eastern aesthetic running through the place, and the tables are actually decorated by unique paintings which make up a spiritual board game complete with playing cards where you're asked to confront various issues in your life. As you finish your food a message in your bowl asks you "what are you grateful for?" I never did take kindly to being asked revealing questions by crockery...

Gratitude certainly is unique, and in a lot of ways it's quirky and fun. The waiting staff was very friendly and eager to please. The menu was whimsically named. The food I had a rice bowl that was a bit dry and frankly uninteresting, but the other options may be better. Would I go back though? Probably not - I don't think its novelty can stretch itself to two visits. [more ]

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